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7 Reasons to Choose H.M.Williams

While many accountants rollout stock soundbites including “a personal approach”, “a professional service” or “tailored solutions”, we think you’ve probably heard them all before – no one seems to stand out or offer you anything different. That’s why we’re not going to repeat them.

All those qualities, while important, are just the basic standards at H.M.Williams. As an accountant who has both your personal and business interests at heart, we really do like to do things differently, offering you an award-winning alternative. So why choose H.M.Williams?  Here are seven good reasons why:

  1. We’re down to earth
    When we’re working with people for an extended period, we like to build a long-term relationship – and that’s what we want to do with you. So when you come and see us, we’re the approachable and friendly colleagues who’ve got your financial back, rather than just ‘the accountants’. That way, we can chat about everyday things over a coffee, before tackling your pre-tax profits or VAT figures – all in jargon-free, plain English of course.
  2. We know what we’re doing
    With over 45 years’ experience behind us, we certainly know our stuff – we’ve even won awards for our services. But we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so we let our skill, expertise, and in-depth knowledge do the talking for us. We’ve also published a range of widely-available business books, so you can enjoy our expert, jargon-free take on everything from how to grow your business, to paying less tax, whenever you like.
  3. We’ll advise you
    Sometimes accounting firms can get a reputation for simply going through the motions with their clients. They’ll make sure you’re fully compliant and paying everything you need to pay on time, which we do too of course, but they won’t go the extra mile and give you the advice you really want to hear. That’s what we’re here for – good business advice that helps you. Like how to pay less tax, what to do if you want to form a business partnership, or whether you should register your business.
  4. You can pay in manageable chunks
    We’re the last people to want to issue large bills for our services when they might make too much of a dent in your finances. To make your life easier, we always recommend paying by standing order, dividing your fee into bite-size chunks and spreading your payments across the year. With a regular standing order going out once a month, it’s easy to manage and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying. And it’s good for your cash flow too.
  5. You get free support
    Got plans about a company merger, or a question on VAT? Need advice on PAYE, or reassurance about looming HMRC deadlines? As our client, you can ask us anything, whenever you like, without charge. If you’re worried, stressed, excited, or motivated about anything in your financial world, we’ll always be on the end of the phone, ready to act as your sounding board.
  6. We know the right people
    While we’re experts and have the experience to help you with any tax, accountancy, and business advisory services, there may be occasions when our knowledge might not be enough. If that happens, we have a network of colleagues and resources from other businesses and sectors who can help out. When you need specialist advice or services in certain areas, we can call on them to sit in with us and discuss your next steps with confidence.
  7. We make the little things count
    We know it’s the little things that can make a big difference to how you see us, and whether you want us to look after your financial responsibilities. That’s why we make sure the little things are taken care of, making the whole process that little bit easier for you.
  • When you call us, we’ll answer within 4 rings.
  • When you email us, we’ll respond within 24 hours.
  • When you visit us, we’ll have a parking space for you.
  • We’re easy to find – just minutes from the A38.

And we’ll keep you fuelled with teas, coffees, and tasty treats during every meeting.

We’re here to help you and your business, and we’d love to find out more. Interested? Your first meeting is on us, so get in touch today and we’ll schedule your free appointment on a day and time that suits you.

We’re looking forward to it already.


I have been a faithful client of HMW since 1992 and I know that I could not find a more honest, courteous or efficient company of Chartered Accountants.

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