As part of the Government’s continuing plans to Make Tax Digital, from April 2019 new VAT legislation comes into play requiring all applicable businesses to file quarterly returns online. So what impact will it have on your business and will it affect you?   The Making Tax Digital scheme (MTD) is the ... Read More
HM Williams Accountants have now moved into grade A, purpose built offices at Sandy Court on the Langage Business Park, Plympton, in a lease deal agreed by Ashleigh Phillips of Bruton Knowles. Plymouth-based Monk & Partners acted on behalf ... Read More
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HMRC is moving its banking arrangements to Barclays from February 2016.  If you pay using a payslip then make sure that it shows the correct bank details before you make the payment.  Payments that go to the wrong account will result in delays in being allocated against your tax bill. If ... Read More
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End of wear and tear
by AshleySmith /
In the 2015 Summer budget George Osborne declared that the Wear and Tear deduction would be scrapped from April 2016.  HMRC put forward an alternative, which is ironically virtually identical to one it pushed the government to abolish in 2013.  The proposal is for a renewals allowance which will allow ... Read More
As many of you will know VW have been in a bit of hot water lately due to the 'defeat device' that had been fitted to a number of vehicles to cheat the American nitrous oxide emissions test.  This device changes the way the engine runs during official testing, meaning ... Read More