ALL 281 of HM Revenue & Customs' enquiry centres are to be mothballed following a successful seven-month trial of alternatives in the north east. In its place, HM Revenue & Customs is to introduce a "flexible" telephone service, while visits can be made to "a range of convenient locations" including taxpayers' ... Read More
As most of you are aware there are a number of expenditure items that are dealt with in your accounts that have both a business and private element. The biggest example would be motor expenses, where all of the expense is shown in the accounts and then an adjustment is ... Read More
5 good reasons to appoint an accountant: Save time – we all need more time and this is one way to get it. How you choose to spend that time is up to you; extra time playing with your children; extra time spent working on your business, not in it, to ... Read More
New HMRC taskforces are set to tackle the East Anglia holiday industry, people in London fraudulently claiming VAT refunds and the Northern Ireland restaurant trade. The taskforces have brought in more than £70m since 2011/12.
Office outing
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A lovely day to enjoy our office outing. It started with a bit of a hectic dart for the train, due to an accident on the outskirts of Plymouth. However, once we got going a believe the day was enjoyed by all. The train ride to Calstock gave us ... Read More
Good News?
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RBS has declared its intention to be a key player in UK mortgages, with a target of increasing its market share by half. The government-backed lender has already doubled its share of new business since the onset of the credit crisis and is now granting more than one in 10 ... Read More
David Cameron said on TV’s The Andrew Marr Show yesterday that the Conservative Party “would like to cut taxes to give people back some of their hard-earned money as the economy gets stronger.” Is this a hint at a tax give-away before the next general election?
Being a little bit closer to home this may be interesting accountants and individuals in the South West slightly more than those further afield.  However, yesterday the prince's most senior official William Nye, alongside Duchy of Cornwall finance director Keith Willis and Treasury officer of accounts Paula Diggle appeared before ... Read More