We have just become aware that Susan Taylor, who died near the French coast on Sunday afternoon while attempting to swim the Channel for charity, was a Chartered Accountant. According to the BBC, Taylor got into difficulty around 5:30pm not far from Boulogne. She was initially treated in a support boat ... Read More
HMRC has launched a new voluntary campaign for individual taxpayers to settle their tax bills if they failed to complete a self assessment tax return up to 2011/12. The settlement window opened this week and participants have until 15 October to complete and submit a tax return, and pay the tax ... Read More
The latest task forces (and the amounts they expect to raises) will focus on: Northern Ireland (£3.45m) Fast food outlets in East Anglia (£5m) Fraudulent refund claims in the South East (£6m) Midlands jewellery trade (£2.5m)   Treasury minister David Gauke claimed that the 12 task forces launched in 2011-12 are “on track to collect more ... Read More
HMRC are informing taxpayers that the Bank of Santander is having problems with their Bill Pay service that taxpayers use to pay their tax by credit card or debit card. HMRC are working with the Bank of Santander to sort this out. HMRC remind taxpayers that: There are other ways you can pay. ... Read More
HMRC will target up to 50,000 businesses that have failed to submit VAT returns with warnings that their tax affairs will be closely scrutinised. The Revenue warned that if returns remain outstanding after 28 February their tax affairs will attract "greater attention". The VAT Outstanding Returns campaign will rely on businesses coming ... Read More
Records of taxpayers' emails, text messages and phone calls, as well as websites they have visited, are increasingly being examined covertly by HMRC investigators. Data obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) shows that HMRC inspectors obtained 14,000 records of taxpayers' communications data in 2011 ‒ up from 11,500 ... Read More
Key points to note following George Osborne's Autumn Statement are: The 3p-a-litre increase in fuel duty, planned for next January, is cancelled Most working-age benefits to rise by 1% for each of next three years Basic state pension to rise by 2.5% next year to £110.15 a week Child benefit to rise by 1% ... Read More
The Chancellor will deliver his Autumn Statement on  5 December 2012.  This will be closely followed by the release of the draft Finance Bill 2013 on 11 December 2012.  This year's Chancellor's statement is likely to push a few ideas ahead of next year's Budget to show some political momentum, ... Read More