HMRC lose record of West Country Accountant

HMRC lose record of West Country Accountant

David Savill, head of owner managed business services at Bishop Fleming, appears to have disappeared from HMRC’s records.  All this despite not having moved from his home in 17 years.

“Having paid considerable sums in tax every year for three decades, and not having moved home for 17 years, I could not believe that HMRC has managed to lose my tax record”, he said.

He added the incident had reinforced his resolve that direct debt recovery powers – which allow the taxman to take tax owed from the accounts of persistent non-payers – should not be allowed to happen.

He added: “Despite the millions of tax assessments that they get wrong each year, HMRC has been seeking the power to grab funds from our bank accounts. I’m an accountant, so I’ve been ardent in providing HMRC with my tax submissions every year. But, somehow, they’ve managed to lose track of me on their radar screen.

“If they can make so simple an error in my case, it underlines my belief that they should not be permitted to have their proposed power to grab money from the bank accounts of tax-payers that they decide have under-paid.”

I must say, we strongly agree.

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