How long till you hear from HMRC?

How long till you hear from HMRC?

HM Revenue & Customs is developing a “Tracker” system that will help taxpayers and agents to monitor turnaround times for post, claims, and the like.

The Tracker, which can be found on HMRC’s website allows the querist to select the nature of the communication with HMRC (claim a refund, order stationery, make a general enquiry, etc.), the method used (telephone, claim form, letter or visit to an Enquiry Centre, etc.) and the date the communication was made, whereupon an estimated date of reply is given.

Notably, simply processing a Self Assessment Return appears to be absent from the list. (Although perhaps for some it will come under the heading of ‘making a claim’).

All turnaround times seem to be in the region of 4-5 weeks – clearly from the indications so far, HMRC still subscribes to the notion that marking a letter “Repayment Due” or similar will result in a faster turnaround time, which is encouraging.

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