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101 Ways to Pay Less Tax

Pay less tax this year by lowering your tax bill with this book of easy-to-follow "how to avoid tax" hints and tax-saving tips from a team of pay-less-tax experts.
Book 101 Ways To Pay Less Tax

This 2018/19 edition of the bestselling 101 Ways to Pay Less Tax provides a wealth of tips to help you save paying tax. Every tax-saving tip is from a team of tax-saving experts at H M Williams Chartered Certified Accountants, a national award-winning tax-saving specialist firm of chartered accountants.

The tax-saving tips included in this book are all legitimate ways to help reduce your tax bill – that is, showing you how to avoid tax rather than evade tax. And there’s so much you can legally do to reduce your tax bill and pay less tax.

With tax-saving tips relating to:

  • Tax-saving for those with low incomes
  • Even more tax-saving for those with high incomes
  • Pensioners and tax
  • Tax and Employees
  • Business tax and Employers
  • Company cars and tax-saving
  • Business tax: Running a business and avoiding tax
  • National Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax: Overseas aspects
  • Tax saving when someone dies
  • Pensions and avoiding tax
  • Property Tax
  • Pay less tax: Savings
  • Charitable giving and avoiding tax
  • Tax, Marriage and children

Start to pay less tax NOW with 101 Ways to Pay Less Tax (2018/19).

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