Ready-Made Company Minutes & Resolutions

Ready-made Company Minutes & Company Resolutions is what every busy company secretary or company record-keeper needs. This book includes over 100 Word templates to help you easily record company minutes, company resolutions and board minutes.
Ready-Made Company Minutes

Packed with over 100 ready-to-use company minutes, company resolutions, board minutes, legal notices for filing and other essential documents – plus Model Articles – you can download this title and start using the templates instantly.

Crucial company legal forms are brought to your fingertips, giving you the protection you need without the inconvenience or cost of hiring a solicitor for simple company matters you can easily handle yourself.

All 112 Word templates included are:

  • Approved by HM Williams Chartered Accountants
  • Annotated with guidance notes, as necessary
  • Easy-to-download and complete

Ready-made Company Minutes & Company Resolutions helps you easily keep your company records up to date and comply with the law.